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Precautions for sofa placement in living room

Editor:嘉兴艾德文家居用品有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-07-14 

A comfortable sofa is indispensable in the living room. In the home layout, the sofa occupies a very important position, so we have to learn how to place it so that the sofa can play the best role~

1. Focus on the focus object

If the living room lacks a focal point, it will seem to lose the sense of wholeness, making people feel that this is just a disorderly pile of decorative objects. You may ask, what is the focus? Common focal points are:

Living room entrance

The scenery outside the French window

The longest wall

Bookshelves, fireplaces, TVs, and the scenery outside the window can all be used as the focal point of the living room. You can turn the orientation of the sofa, seat, and ottoman to the focal object to form an arc-shaped dialogue space.

2. Focus on talks

If you want to chat with a few friends or have a party, place the sofas and seats more concentrated and close to each other, which is conducive to conversation and easy to change seats.

3. Focus on children

Use furniture such as tables or sofas as a natural boundary to separate children’s play areas from adults’ chat spaces. In addition, don’t forget to design a well-designed storage space, such as a powerful coffee table for storing children’s toys.

4. Focus on visual balance

It is necessary to consider the size, height and color of the furniture, and have a rough grasp of the visual weight of each object, and form a balanced and symmetrical visual relationship by adjusting the position of the furniture.

You should also know this...

Regardless of the layout, you need to leave a minimum of 66-92 cm aisle so that you won't hit any objects.

If your living room is relatively small, you can place the sofa in front of the narrowest wall. It is recommended to place a 1.5-meter-long double sofa.

Pay attention to decorating the wall facing the door, the end of the corridor, the top of the stairs and the landing. You can simply hang a mirror or a piece of art on the wall in these places, and place a distinctive chair or chest of drawers below.

If your room is covered with a whole carpet, you need to leave a gap of 31-46 cm against the wall. Overlaying a carpet can make people feel suffocated, and even make your room smaller.