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The secret recipe for moisture-proof furniture of different materials is revealed

Editor:嘉兴艾德文家居用品有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-07-14 

Everyone yearns for a dry and comfortable home environment, but the four-season rotation cannot always be the case. In the rainy season, the most worrying thing is the moisture-proof problem of humid weather. Here is how to prevent moisture from several materials of furniture:

Solid wood furniture

Generally speaking, solid wood furniture has gone through a strict drying process before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that moisture-proof work can be carried out with special wooden furniture cleaners, protective wax or special The cleaning agent is evenly applied to the surface of the furniture, and then gently wipe it, forming a protective film on the surface of the wooden furniture to keep the furniture shiny and moisture-proof.

Leather furniture

For leather furniture, the leather of leather furniture will become hard when it is cold when it regains moisture, and mildew will appear on some less ventilated surfaces, and it may even cause deformation or fading of colored leather surfaces after being damp. Therefore, if you have leather furniture at home, it is best to wipe off the surface moisture with a soft dry cloth, and then apply maintenance-specific mink oil, lanolin oil, leather oil, etc. to the surface. This will not only soften the leather, but also prevent moisture and mildew; Consider putting some desiccant to keep dry.

Fabric furniture

The resurgence of fabric furniture is generally wet and easy to stain, and it is easier to be dirty when stuck together. Therefore, a special vacuum cleaner should be used to absorb the dust on the fabric sofa. It is best to use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance and clean it frequently.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is relatively easy to prevent moisture. The advantage of rattan furniture is that after it is damp and dried, it will return to its original shape and size. Therefore, when rattan furniture is damp, you should be careful not to press it to prevent it from deforming, as long as you don't let its weave shape and gaps deform.

Metal furniture

When metal furniture is damp, the metal armrests or feet are corroded, especially the surface of iron furniture is faded and spots appear. Therefore, metal furniture should be frequently scrubbed with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Try not to use it in a damp environment, and pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. Once rust appears, it should be wiped off in time. If it encounters wet weather, it is best to use a dry cloth to clean it.